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He Doesn't Have A Trunk!

bear and the baby elephant
Why he has no trunk?

The bear came to meet the newborn elephant. The newborn baby elephant was playing hide-and-seek with its mother.

“Wow, you have got a cute baby,” said the bear to the mother elephant.

“Thanks for the compliment, Mr. Bear,” said the mother elephant and smiled at its baby.

“Look, baby, who has come to see you,” the mother elephant said to her baby playing in the meadow.

The baby elephant turned back and saw the bear. He came running toward the bear. The baby elephant observed the bear for some time and asked its mother. “Hey, mother, why this bear uncle doesn’t have a trunk like us?”

“Only elephants have got trunks. All other animals do not have a trunk attached to their body,” the mother elephant said.

The bear laughed at the baby elephant’s question and the other elephant’s reply.

“Your baby is intelligent too! He asks good questions,” the bear said. The mother elephant smiled.


2023-03-15 08:34:35


Baby elephant is curious