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Why are you so sad?

The Sad Lion And The Bear

A lion was sitting with a sad-looking face. It was very much depressed over the loss of the hunt. He thought he was good for nothing, how easily the deer escaped.

A bear noticed the lion and asked him why he was so sad.

“I am a good-for-nothing fellow. My friends are good at hunting, and I always lose my hunt. I feel a lot rejected,” the lion explained its situation and told the bear what he felt about himself.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Lion. Everybody has this feeling at one time or another. If you keep worrying, you will never improve. Take every failure as an opportunity to improve yourself. Think about how you can improve your hunting strategy next time,” the bear advised the lion.

The bear’s advice made the lion regain its confidence. “You are right, Mr. Bear. I now feel I have to learn a lot. Every failure will improve me. Thanks for the advice,” said the lion.

“No problem, Mr. Lion. See you soon,” said the bear and went its way. The lion got ready for its next hunt.