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You wanted to see how powerful I am?

Baby Elephant And The Lion

“Hey, Baby! What’s up?” asked the lion.

“I came to meet you, Mr. Lion. I have heard that you are the strongest animal in the world. So I wanted to meet you to become a strong animal like you,” said the baby elephant.

The lion was happy to hear that. “Yes, I am the strongest animal in the world,” said the lion proudly.

“Now, please follow me. I will show you how strong I am,” said the lion.

“What do you want me to do to prove my strength?” asked the lion.

“Can you jump from that cliff to another?” asked the baby elephant.

“Yes, of course. Here you go!” said the lion.

Then the lion went back and ran towards the cliff and jumped. But the lion couldn’t make it to the other cliff and fell into the river flowing between two cliffs.

“Somebody, please help me,” roared the lion.

But there was nobody to help the lion. Luckily, the lion got hold of a tree branch and managed to escape badly wounded.