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Hello Mr. Croc. I am glad I met you.

Hippo And The Crocodile

It was a summer morning. The hippo walked towards the lake to keep its body under the hot sun. But he had an unexpected guest waiting in the lake. It was a crocodile.

“Why are you here?” asked the crocodile.

“Hello there. Good morning. As usual, to keep my body cool by submerging my body in the water. I hope you know this part of the lake belongs to us hippos. Anyways, glad to meet you, Mr. Crocodile. You can stay here,” said the hippo.

But the arrogant croc said that the hippo has to fight him out to reclaim the hippo space. The hippo didn’t want to fight, but the croc was adamant that the hippo had to fight.

So the hippo went straight to the croc into the middle of the lake. Many animals came to see the fight scene between the hippo and the croc in the lake. After a fierce battle with the croc, the hippo emerged as the winner. The croc had to leave the place. The croc never returned to the lake again.