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The Wolf Song

La, La, La, It's a good day!

One day, a wolf came to see the lion. They were chit-chatting about many things. During their conversation, the wolf said he wanted to show the lion something interesting.

“I have a special skill. I can sing very well. I use my skill to hunt animals easily. When I sing, animals come to me. Then I will eat them. Do you want to see it?” the wolf asked the lion.

“Oh, yes. It’s a good idea. You have got a wonderful skill. Please sing a sweet song to attract the animals, and we’ll eat them,” said the lion.

The wolf started to sing. Before the wolf could complete its song, an elephant appeared. It was a large one that was sleeping nearby. The elephant was annoyed by hearing the wolf song and wanted to deal with the singer.

“Who is that singer?” asked the elephant.

“I am here. I am the singer,” said the wolf. The wolf looked at the lion proudly. The wolf was waiting for the words of appreciation from the elephant.

But the elephant took the wolf by its trunk and threw it away. The lion was frightened seeing the elephant and fled from that place.

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