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Deer And The Rabbit Story Of Good Friends

Let's go to that place where rabbits are grown in plenty!

Two friends, the deer, and the rabbit were close to each other. They shared everything. One day, the deer mentioned a place where good carrots are grown. As you know, rabbits are very fond of carrots. The rabbit wanted to go there. Without wasting time, the friends started to pluck carrots.

After going deep into the forest, they came to a carrot farm. The rabbi was happy to see the fresh carrots and was busy eating them. As you know, the carrot is a root vegetable. The rabbit had to dig in the mud to get the carrot. Suddenly, a fox appeared from nowhere and threatened the rabbit that it was going to him.

The rabbit cried for help. The deer standing some distance away heard the rabbit’s cry for help. The deer came running to help the rabbit but was taken aback by seeing the fox.

The deer didn’t know what to do to rescue his dear friend. But his friend’s life was in danger. So he gathered all his strength and kicked the fox. That was unexpected for the fox. The kick made the fox cry in pain. The fox limped back to its home. The rabbit thanked the deer for risking its life to save him and returned home happy. After that incident, the rabbit and deer’s bond of friendship got deeper.

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