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Never Argue Over Anything

Stop Your Argument. I Have A Bad News!

Three happy friends were helping each other. A monkey, a fox, and a rabbit. Every day, they come together to play, tell stories and sing. They were having a wonderful time until a dispute broke out between them.

It started as a small argument and grew to a big one. The fox said the river has a crocodile in it. The rabbit said there might be, but he was not sure. The monkey said there was no crocodile in the river.

The trio forgot to play, tell stories or sing. Fox wanted to prove there was a crocodile in the river. The monkey wanted to prove that there was no crocodile. The rabbit had no idea what to do to stop their argument. 

Hearing their argument, a turtle came. “Hey, what are you arguing for?” the turtle asked. The friends told the turtle about the crocodile.

“OK, I can help you with this. I will do one thing. I will dive into the river to see if a crocodile is under the water or not,” said the turtle, and it dived into the river. The friends continued their argument about whether a crocodile was present or not.

The Moment Of Truth

After some time, the turtle came out of the river.

“Friends, please stop arguing. The crocodile would have finished you all by now,” said the turtle.

The turtle reported that there was indeed a crocodile under the river. The turtle also informed that the crocodile was hearing the arguments the friends had, and was waiting for the right time to catch them all.

Three friends became silent, thanked the turtle for its timely help, vowed they would never argue over anything, and moved to another place for their daily meet. They continued to play, tell stories, and sing.



There is nothing you get arguing, only problems!

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