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Monkey And The Bird

Please, Please, stop climbing this coconut tree.

The monkey spotted a coconut tree. It wanted to fetch coconuts from the tree and throw it down. The coconut will break apart so that the monkey can eat from it.

“Hey, don’t climb this coconut tree. I have my kids sleeping in the nest,” the bird shouted at the monkey.

“I don’t care who’s sleeping. I want coconuts,” said the monkey.  The monkey did not listen to the bird’s plea and continued climbing the coconut tree.

The bird prayed to God to safeguard its kids from the monkey.

Suddenly, the monkey felt something dragging it down. The annoyed monkey looked down and saw a snake dragging it in by grabbing its tail. The monkey was frightened and tried to get free from the snake.

The snake didn’t leave him. After struggling with the snake, the monkey fell from the tree. He was injured and went home, regretting he should have listened to the bird’s warning.

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