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Eloping Camels

Let's go somewhere!

Two camels decided to elope from the caravan. They wanted to lead a free life of their own. One night, while the rest of the caravan was resting after a long travel, the two camels ran away.

They were walking and walking, and after a few days, they reached a forest. It was a dense forest, different from the desert. The camels were excited to reach the forest. They went deep into the forest.

“Hey, who are you? Where are you coming from?” the camels heard a loud roar from behind. It was his majesty, the king lion. The camels got frightened.

“We are coming from the desert. We are just married. Can we stay here?” asked the camels.

“Oh, sure. You can stay here. You are our special guests,” said the lion, smiling at them. The camels were happy.

But the lion king had a different plan for the camels. He wanted to host a party to his friends with the camel meat. So he sent out an invitation to all the lions in the forest for camel meat dinner.

Unaware of the developments around them, the camels were happily roaming around the forest. They saw a bird. The bird asked them to stop.

“Hey, friends, you are in deep trouble. The lion king is planning to host a party tonight, and you will be their dinner,” said the bird.

Hearing that, the camels got frightened. They cursed the moment they decided to elope from the caravan.

“Let’s go back to our caravan,” said the male camel, and ran towards the desert. They had to reach the desert before the caravan started.

After struggling a lot, the camels reached the desert and joined the caravan. The caravan was about to depart. The camels reached their right in time.

Other camels in the caravan were wondering what happened to their friends.

“Hey, where were you?” they asked.

“Oh, we went to the forest for our honeymoon,” said the camels.

“Why did you return? We have heard that the forest is the best place for camels. You should not have returned,” said the camels’ friends.

“Yes, it is the best place, but not for the camels, but for the lions. For us, camels, this caravan is the safest place on the earth,” said the camels. The camel’s friends didn’t understand what they were talking about but nodded their heads in agreement.

Story Discussion

Johan: It's good that the camels returned to desert. Desert is the safest place for camels.

Ryan: Home for the camels

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