Mission Accomplished!

tortoise and the fish
See You Later!

“Tomorrow I am going to the beach, and will be back only after I lay my eggs,” said the tortoise to the fish. Both the tortoise and the fish were friends for a long time. They shared their happiness and sorrow.

“Ok, be careful with your mission,” said the fish. “I am most concerned about the safety of my eggs. There are predators including men waiting for our eggs,” the tortoise shared her worry.

The next day, the tortoise started her long journey to the beach. Her progress was slow once she touched the sand. Somehow she made it to a secured spot to lay her eggs. There were hundreds of other tortoises with the same mission. She dug a hole and laid her eggs, and promptly covered the hole with sand. She prayed to God that no predators will ever find her precious eggs.

Back in the sea, she went to the fish to let her know that she is back. “Now it is long waiting for me before I can hold my young babies. Hope nothing will go wrong!” said the tortoise.

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