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Bunny Funny And The Dog Story

What Do You Want?

The funny bunny was on the carrot farm. Every day, he comes to the carrot farm to get a stomach full of carrots. But that day he met a total stranger on the carrot farm. It was none other than the brown dog who was employed by the farm owners to safeguard their crops from the rabbits. “Hey, you, stop there! If you enter into the carrot farm, I will have to attack you,” warned the brown dog.

“I am sorry dear, I came here to meet somebody, a brown dog. I wanted to meet him. Can you help me to meet that new brown dog?” asked the funny bunny innocently. “Yes, I am the brown dog,” said the dog. “Oh, glad to meet you Mr. brown dog. I have heard a lot about you. I just wanted to say hello,” the bunny said.

“What you heard about me,” the curious dog asked. “I heard that the brown dog is a good dog who gives anything if somebody asks him,” said the bunny. “What you heard is right. What do you want from me?” asked the brown dog. “I need one carrot,” said the bunny. “Here you are, take two and come again tomorrow. I will give you more.”

The funny bunny returned home happy with the carrots. Laughing and singing all the way.

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