Let It Go! Learning A Lesson The Hard Way!

fish and the bear
I Am Happy Today!

Grizzly bear, after his long hibernation is back to action! He is in the lake to catch some fish for the day. He thought nobody can beat him in fish catching. He was indeed a great grizzly bear who was an expert fish hunter. It was a summer morning, the grizzly bear is on the lake. It’s his favorite hobby to catch fish and eat them alive. There was no dearth of fishes in the lake as the lake was teeming with fishes of various types. One day, as usual, the grizzly bear was on the lake. “Ah, I got you,” he caught a nice big fish. The fish was big and he couldn’t hold it properly and it fell from his hands.

The grizzly bear can’t afford to lose that fish from his hands, because it has become a prestige issue for him. He was most concerned about what other bears will tell about that. “At any cost, I have to get that fish,” the bear thought.

The fish started swimming as fast it can, and the bear followed it under the water. But soon, he realized that he is in a dangerous situation, as the lake was getting deeper and deeper. He gasped for breath, there was nobody to help him. “Oh, I have to make it to the land, or otherwise I will be dead,” he realized. He swam back to land with all his strength. Somehow with great difficulty, he managed it to the land. There he rested for a while. He learned a lesson the hard way. It’s not the prestige, but life is what matters the most!

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