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Milo and the Red Umbrella

Chirp, Chirp, This rain will harm my nest

In a forest, where the rain fell as frequently as the sun shone, lived a monkey named Milo. Unlike other monkeys, Milo had a prized possession: a bright, red umbrella. One rainy day, while the other animals huddled under leaves and trees, Milo strolled confidently through the forest, his umbrella shielding him from the downpour.

As he walked, he heard a distressed chirp. High in a tree, a drenched bird struggled to keep her nest dry. Milo quickly climbed up, holding his umbrella over the nest. The bird chirped in gratitude, and Milo smiled, realizing his umbrella wasn’t just for keeping himself dry—it was a tool for kindness.

From that day on, whenever it rained, the animals of the jungle knew to look for the little monkey with the red umbrella, bringing a splash of color and a wave of warmth to their hearts.

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