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Lion's Dream

It Was A Bad Dream!

Horrible Dream Turns Out To Be A Life Saver

  It was midnight. In the jungle, a lion was sleeping under a tree. The lion had an eventful day chasing animals and hunting. He was so tired from the day’s hectic activity.

  Suddenly, the lion woke up from his sleep. He saw a dream, certainly not a good dream. In his dream, the lion saw a tree fall upon him.

“Oh, it was a horrible dream I just saw,” the lion thought.

  Then the lion saw the tree under which he was sitting was actually falling down. The lion quickly moved from under the tree. The big tree fell to the ground.

  “Oh, if I was sleeping under that tree, I would have died,” the lion said to himself.  The lion thought about the dream again.

  “It was certainly not a horrible dream, but that dream saved my life,” the lion realized not all bad dreams are bad!

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