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Lion And The Rabbit In A Boat

Wow, it's fantastic journey, peaceful!

“Come, let’s go for a boat ride,” the lion invited the rabbit.

“Sure, let’s go and see the world around us,” the rabbit jumped into the boat.

The lion rowed the boat, and the rabbit was singing a song. They were happily sailing in the boat when a bird came to them to give an important information. That the boat they were sailing was heading towards a waterfall.

“Hey, this bird is lying. I don’t believe the bird, it’s jealous of us. Let’s move forward,” said the lion said to the rabbit.

“But, I think the bird is right. We have no time left, let’s escape,” said the rabbit, and it jumped into the water, and swam across the river.

“You are a coward. I am not going to leave the boat,” said the lion, and it kept on sailing the boat. After a few minutes, the speed of the boat increased.

“Hey, it’s a miracle. This boat is moving all by itself, without me doing anything,” the lion said to himself. But the boat was heading towards the waterfall. The lion heard the big roaring sound of the waterfall. Now the lion realized that the bird was right. In a hurry, the lion jumped out of the boat. But the undercurrent was dragging the lion to the waterfall. After struggling a lot, the lion reached the banks of the river.

The lion was lying unconscious on the banks of the river. The rabbit came that way.

“Hey, Mr. Lion, open your eyes,” screamed the rabbit.

“Where am I?” It took some time for the lion to regain its senses.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Lion. You are safe,” said the rabbit, and told him what happened during their boat journey.

“I am sorry. I called you a coward. But you proved yourself that you are a clever rabbit,” said the lion.

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