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Lion And The Fox Story

What Made You Come Here?

Sometimes All You Need Is A Push!

“Mr. Lion, you should not sit idle like this. What are you afraid of? Come out and go hunting. We miss you a lot! You don’t have any reason to fear anybody. You are the mighty king. All the animals fear you. When you roar, they run for their life,” said the fox who visited the lion’s den to see what was going on with the lion. The lion was sitting in the cave for a few days without going out.”

“Thanks for telling good things about me. I know I am the king and stronger than any other animal in the world. But I am having a problem. A monster came to see me a few days ago and told me that he wanted to kill me because that monster eats only lions,” said the lion.

“A monster? and that too appeared to you alone? We, other animals, have never seen a monster here,” said the fox.

“Yes, it was a big monster with something flashing red in his eyes. The monster stared at me, and I fell unconscious. When I opened my eyes, I found myself in my cave,” said the lion.

The fox laughed out loudly. “Mr. King, it was just a dream that you saw about the monster. The monster you saw was not real! If it was a real monster, he would have eaten you by now. See, even after a few days, you are still alive. Come out of the cave and be a real lion!” said the fox.

The lion got convinced that it was just a dream and got back in action. The lion roared out loudly. The lion thanked the fox for the timely help, a piece of advice that helped him regain his strength.

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