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On My Way To My Future Home

This house seems to be a nice one!

Living A Rat’s Life Is Not Easy!

Good evening all. You might be wondering what I am doing here! I was searching for a home for my family. I think my search for a house ends here. This house seems to meet my expectations, a great place to live a rat’s life. I have been wandering everywhere, searching for a nice place to live a peaceful life, away from the madding crowds.

You know, a rat’s life is not easy. We often find ourselves in dangerous and tough-to-handle situations. Finally, after countless searches in the neighborhood, I found this house. I think my choice is good, a fantastic place for my future family. What’s your opinion? Until now, no house was able to match my expectations.

You know, I have got a high standard of living. Compromise is a word that has no place in my dictionary. Are you wondering why this house is my choice? The first and the foremost reason is that this house belongs to an elderly couple. So I don’t have to fear getting caught. I really hope no cats are around.

Anyway, I need to plan carefully before breaking into the house. I will wait till its midnight to get in. Once I get in, life would be easy, with free food and a lot of space to run around! Ah, it’s already midnight. Time for my mission!. Ok, here I go. I will speak to you from there!

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