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Never Expect Anything Back!

Why are you crying, Mr. Lion?

A deer happened to be in Infront of a lion. But the lion wasn’t moving. It was crying out of pain.

“Hey, what happened? Why are you crying?” asked the deer.

“I’m crying because I couldn’t withstand the pain in my legs,” said the lion.

“Don’t worry. Come with me. I will give you some special medicine that can cure your legs,” said the deer.

The lion went with the deer. The deer showed the lion a plant bearing berries.

“Eat those berries, and you will be cured,” said the deer.

The lion ate the berries. After a few days, the deer again came to see the lion. But the lion was not there. It was out hunting. While the deer waited for the lion, another deer came that way. He asked the deer why he was in a lion’s territory.

“I’ve helped the poor lion by giving him some medicines. I wanted to know how he is doing,” said the deer.

“Your medicine has cured the lion. Now your friend is hunting vigorously in the forest. Please don’t stay here. If he sees you, he will hunt you also,” warned his friend.

“No, he is my friend. I am happy to hear that he was cured by my medicine. He won’t hurt me,” said the deer. The deer waited for the lion.

After some time, the lion returned home. It saw the deer.

“How are you, Mr. Lion?” asked the deer.

But instead of responding to the deer, the lion jumped upon the deer. It was an unexpected attack, but the deer moved quickly and escaped the lion. The deer was standing near the cliff. So the lion who missed its target fell from the cliff and died.

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