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Jack The Problem Solver Monkey

When I am here you don't have to fight

Once upon a time, a curious squirrel named Sammy was scampering through the trees when he spotted a shiny nutmeg on the ground. “Wow, I am so lucky!” he exclaimed, feeling excited. Sammy swiftly climbed down the tree to grab the nutmeg.

Just as Sammy reached out and touched the nutmeg, another squirrel named Benny appeared. “Hey, I saw that nutmeg first! It belongs to me!” Benny claimed. Sammy and Benny started arguing and were on the brink of a fight.

Suddenly, Jack the problem-solving monkey swung down from the trees. “Hey, what’s the matter? Why are you fighting?” Jack asked.

“Oh, Jack, we’re so glad you’re here,” said Sammy. “I saw this nutmeg and came down to take it, but Benny is claiming it belongs to him.”

Jack thought for a moment and then said, “Don’t worry, I’m here to solve the problem. Give the nutmeg to me.”

Reluctantly, Sammy handed the nutmeg to Jack. To their surprise, Jack quickly popped the nutmeg into his mouth and ate it. “There, now the problem is solved. You can both go home,” Jack said with a satisfied grin.

Sammy and Benny were shocked, but they knew there was no point in arguing with Jack, who was much stronger than them. Feeling disappointed, they realized that their argument had cost them the nutmeg.

As they walked home, Sammy and Benny regretted their fight. They decided that next time, they would share and solve problems together, so everyone could be happy. And from that day on, Sammy and Benny became best friends, always finding ways to share and help each other.

The end.

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