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Investigating A Child Missing Case

I have stinking suspicion that something is not right here

The police dog was investigating a child-missing case, on a case by the rat mother. The rat mother had filed a complaint that her baby had gone missing for the last few days. The dog police took it as a prestige issue and promised the rat mother that he find her son by the end of that day.

Searching for the missing child, the dog saw a cellar. The dog climbed down the cellar steps.

“Please help me, please free me,” the dog heard a feeble sound from the bottom of the cellar. It was the rat crying for help.

The rat baby was in the cellar, starved and weak. The poor baby had been kidnapped by the mischievous cat.

The dog took the baby to his mother. The rat mother was happy to see her son alive and thanked the dog for his help.

“Now, I will go and catch that mischievous cat who kidnapped your son, ” said the dog and went in search of the cat. The cat was sleeping under a tree. He had no idea that his kidnapping was foiled by the dog.

The dog caught the cat red-handed and punished him for the crime, the kidnapping of the baby rat. The cat had to pay a hefty amount to the rat’s mother.

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