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What Made This Rhino So Humble!

Hey, I Was Looking For You!

Rhino was very proud of his horn and the mighty power he possessed. He thought that he was stronger than anybody else. He never cared for others and had a fighting spirit. Even elephants were afraid of him.

It all ended when one day, a little bird came to the rhino and told him that she saw another rhino powerful than him. The rhino couldn’t take that news. So he wanted to fight with the other rhino asked the bird to inform the other rhino to get ready for a fight.

The bird took the rhino to the place where other rhino was living. When they reached there, the rhino was taken aback.

He shivered with fear and told the bird that he wanted to go back. The bird said that it was too late to withdraw from the fight, that it was against the law of the jungle. So rhino was left with no other option other than fighting with the big rhino.

The big rhino came near to him. Our rhino started running without looking back. The big rhino followed until he was out of his territory. Back in his place, the rhino decided not to fight with anybody. He was changed a lot.

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