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Cartoon, Fish And The Tortoise

Let's welcome this new comer. He is so cute! Where are you from, baby?

“He seems to be new here. Where are you coming from baby?” asked the fishes. They were surprised to see the newcomer, the turtle.

“Ah, Glad to see some friendly, warming faces to greet me. I am coming all the way from the seashore to meet my mom and dad. My mom might be anxiously waiting for me somewhere here,” said the turtle.

Turtle’s mother had laid her eggs on the seashore some few weeks ago. Now all the eggs are hatched. This turtle and his other siblings have made their way to the ocean, to meet their dear parents.

“My dear son, you are here. We are happy to see you, dear,” it was the turtle’s parents welcoming him home. All fishes and turtles celebrated the homecoming of the baby turtles.

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Lora: Cute baby turtle.

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