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Funny Bear Talking To A Bird

Please let me know

Be My Informer

“If you spot a honeycomb, please inform me. I just love honey. The taste is so tempting and sweet!” said the bear.

“How will you collect honey from the honeycomb? Honeybees show no mercy to anybody who comes to steal their precious honey. They are guarding it aggressively. If they see you in action, they will not leave you,” warned the bird.

“Leave that headache to me. For a bear, collecting honey is as simple as plucking a fruit from a tree. I will climb the tree and grab it. You know, it’s the funniest experience for a bear hunting honey,” said the bear.

“Ok, what will I get if I inform you?” said the bird.

“If you become my informer, I will reward you handsomely for each honeycomb you refer. You will get a bottle of honey from me, I promise,” said the bear.

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