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Boy And The Rabbit

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Rescuing A Rabbit From The Fox

“Oops, that was close,” the boy thought. He had to apply a sudden break to prevent his bike from hitting the rabbit. The rabbit stood in the middle of the road like a statue, without knowing what to do. The boy couldn’t understand why the rabbit was standing there blocking the road.

“Will you please take me to your home?” asked the wild rabbit. It was being chased by a fox, requested the boy to help him out by giving it a lift. 

“Jump in! You are in safe hands,” said the boy. The rabbit jumped onto the bike. The fox chasing the rabbit saw the boy speeding away with his hunt. The boy took the rabbit to his home and rescued it from the fox. The rabbit thanked the boy for the rescue.

The wild rabbit enjoyed the company of cats and dogs in the house. The boy gave the rabbit some food to eat, and it became his pet. The rabbit became the boy’s best friend and lived in the boy’s house for the rest of its life.

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