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Bunny After Her First Day In School

I won't go to school!

“Hey, baby, why are you crying? How was your first day in the school?” asked the concerned mother bunny.

The Bunny Kid returned home after her first day in school, weeping. She had mixed feelings about the school. Bunny Kid wanted to go to school, but something was there which made the bunny kid hate her school.

She could befriend other bunny kids in the school, which was good. But some kids made fun of her, and that made her mind upset.

She told me everything that happened in the school to her mother.

“Don’t worry, baby. My first day in the school was almost the same. I still remember that day, when I returned weeping, and my mother consoling me. But after a few days, I was looking forward to going to school. You also feel the same in the coming days. You will love your school days, I promise you,” her mother consoled her.



Cute bunny is crying for no reason

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