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The Wellwisher Bird

The bird saw a tiger baby learning to swim in the water. She wanted to help the baby by telling him that he was risking his life swimming in the water because the dam nearby had opened its shutters and advised the tiger to get out of the water.

But the tiger baby was not listening. It was exciting for him to play in the river. The bird flew away. After some time, the water in the river began to rise. The river was flowing ferocious. The tiger baby couldn’t stay there for long. The river took him to an unknown place.

The baby tiger was lying unconscious on the riverside. The same bird who advised the tiger baby earlier saw the tiger lying on the riverside. She patiently waited there for the tiger to gain consciousness. When the tiger opened its eyes, it saw the bird.

Unforgettable Help

“Hey, where am I?” the worried tiger asked.

“Don’t worry, baby. You are safe now. The overflowing river took you to this place. I will show you the way back to your home. Just follow me,” said the bird, and flew to the tiger’s home direction. The tiger baby followed the bird and finally reached home.

“I am sorry, bird. I should have listened to you. Please forgive me,” said the tiger baby.

“No problem, my dear child. I am happy I could help you,” said the bird, and she flew away.

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