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The Fox Who Wanted To See A Fight

Don't tell me anything about the lion

The fox had a bad habit of enjoying animal fights. He would create enmity between animals to satisfy his wild pleasure. One day, the fox met a rhino.

The fox thought to himself, “If I could create a fight between the lion and the rhino, I could watch a fantastic fight.” So the fox approached the rhino and warned him about the lion’s presence in the area.

However, the rhino was not intimidated and boasted about his ability to defeat a lion. The fox then went to the lion and lied, telling him that the rhino had bad-mouthed him.

The lion, angry and provoked, went to the rhino, with the fox following close behind. The fox had invited all his friends to watch the fight.

But when the lion saw the rhino, he smiled at him, and the rhino smiled back. The fox was confused and disappointed because he had hoped to watch a brutal fight.

The lion and the rhino then greeted each other warmly, reminiscing about the past. The lion even thanked the rhino for saving his life from hunters by toppling their vehicle.

The lion then revealed to the rhino that the fox had lied to him, causing trouble between them. The fox, who was standing nearby, froze with fear when the lion turned to him.

The lion struck the fox, who then fell off a cliff. The fox’s friends, who had come to watch the fight, fled the scene.

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