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The Gorilla Who Trapped A Tiger

The gorilla had a heated argument with the tiger over an issue. The tiger was an uninvited guest to the gorilla’s place. What was his intention? Just to frighten the gorilla babies. The furious gorilla traced the tiger to its den and warned him not to visit his place to frighten the babies.

The tiger said he won’t come. But he again went to the gorilla to frighten its babies. The gorilla was fed up with the tiger. He was too much worried about his babies in his absence.

One day, as usual, the tiger again came. As he walked to the gorilla’s place, he felt something strange was happening. The tiger fell into a pit the gorilla had made for him. The gorilla had dug a nice pit to trap the tiger, and covered it with some leaves so that nobody could guess there was a pit under the leaves.

The tiger tried to come out of the pit. The tiger couldn’t come out on its own. The tiger needed help.

So he started crying for help.

“Please, somebody please, help me to come out of this pit,” the tiger cried loudly. The gorilla and its babies saw the tiger.

“I promise you that I will never again visit you to frighten your babies,” the tiger pleaded gorilla for help. But the gorilla said that he can’t do anything because it was too late in the evening. The tiger had to spend the whole night in the pit.

“I will come the next day to rescue you out of the pit,” said the gorilla. The tiger had no other option other than to spend the night in the pit.

The next morning the gorilla went to the pit. The tiger was still in the pit, walking around.

“Here you go, grab this rope and help yourself,” said the gorilla throwing the tiger a rope. The other end of the rope was tied to a strong tree. The gorilla asked the tiger to come out. The tiger came out of the pit. What did the tiger do after coming out of the pit? The tiger ran away from the gorilla without saying even a word of thanks. He never visited the gorilla’s place to frighten its babies again.

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