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Fox And The Rabbit

Come Closer Mr. Rabbit, I Am Waiting For You!

One day the hungry fox was out hunting. This time he had a rabbit in his mind. When he saw a rabbit, he danced with joy, and decided to catch him. He began to prepare for the hunt and went hiding behind the bus to let the rabbit come near to him so that he could easily hunt him down.

“I can’t wait here anymore. The ants are biting me. Ah, it’s so painful! These ants are no ordinary. I am losing my patience. Why is that rabbit so slow? How long I will hide here and suffer these ant bites. If the rabbit gets any clue of me hiding for him, he will escape. I am waiting here for the right time to catch the rabbit. When he comes close, I will jump upon him .”

fox sitting surprisedThe fox was hiding behind the tree to catch the rabbit. But the rabbit found something interesting in the ground and was jumping around it. The fox couldn’t wait any longer. Out of frustration, he yawned loudly. The rabbit realized that he was in danger. He quickly escaped. The fox cursed himself for losing the patience. “Only if I had waited patiently for some more time, I could have eaten that rabbit. Anyway, I missed a golden opportunity to taste the rabbit meat. OK, next time.”

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Wolframasa: Fuchs frisst Menschen und andere Kleinsäuger Fuchs und Kaninchen

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