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Big Questions From A Small Puppy

You are too small to ask big questions!

“Hey, Mr. Fox, why are you stealing our chickens?” asked the puppy.

“Hey, puppy, you are risking yourself asking such big questions. You are not grown up to ask such big questions. Go and play with other puppies. I am here on a business trip. I am a journalist who would like to write about chickens. Won’t you show me the place to the chicken farm?” asked the fox.

“Ok, I will, follow me,” said the puppy.

“There you are, now you are an intelligent baby. I will give you a good gift after I finish my job,” said the fox and followed the puppy.

The puppy led the fox to a group of bulldogs. When the bulldogs saw the fox, they started attacking him. The fox had a narrow escape from the bulldogs but with injuries.

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