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Finding Baby Deer Mom

Please be here, while I look for her

The baby dear was running here and there looking for his mom. Running after a butterfly, the baby deer got separated from his mom.

The baby deer started crying. A monkey was seeing the anxious baby deer, and asked him why he was crying.

“I want to be with my Mom. It’s all my fault. I went after a butterfly, and lost track to my home,” the baby deer said still weeping.

“Don’t worry, baby. I will look for your mother. See, I will jump from one tree to another, searching for your mom. Once I find her, I will bring her back to you. It’s so easy for a smart monkey like me to search your mother. Now stop crying,” the monkey said.

The monkey started looking for baby deer’s mother. It jumped from one tree to another and looked for deer’s mother everywhere. At last the monkey reached the place where deer mother was standing. It was on the lakeside.

The deer mother was looking for the missing child everywhere, and finally reached the lakeside suspecting that a crocodile would have dragged her dear baby. In fact, the whole deer community was looking for the missing baby deer.

“Hey, your baby is crying for you,” said the monkey.

“Oh, I was desperately looking for my baby. Thank you Mr. Monkey, please take me to my baby,” said the deer mother.

The monkey took the mother deer to her baby. It was a happy reunion.

All the deer community thanked the monkey for the help.

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