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A Personal Advice

Please hear me

“Hey, Mr. Bear, stop here. I warn you don’t break into that house. If you do, you will be caught. The guy living in that house is a hunter, and owns a gun too. I am telling you for your good. You will get hurt. Stay away from that house. It’s my personal advice”

The bear, who was trying to break into the house received personal advice from the rabbit. But the bear didn’t listen the rabbit.

“What do you think about a bear like me? I can any kind of situation and have done so may break the house projects. This house seems to be stocked with lot of food. I think I should break into the house before anybody else. Afterall, you are a silly rabbit. Who are you to give me advice? Go away!” said the bear.

The bear went straight into the house. The man inside the house saw the bear coming and shot the bear. The bullet injured the bear on one of its legs.

The rabbit never saw the bear again. The bear escaped into the forest and never returned.

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