End Of A Friendly Visit

elephant running

The elephant used to pay a friendly visit to the nearby village. But for the villagers, the elephant visit was not so friendly, because the elephant comes in the night when everybody is fast asleep, eats their crops, destroying everything he comes across. Before it is morning, the elephant escapes to the jungle. It was a daily routine for him, and the villagers were fed up with the beast. But they were afraid to have a face to face encounter with an elephant, as the animal was quite big.

One night, villagers made a plan to frighten the elephant. Staying awake in the night, they waited for the elephant. As usual, the elephant came. Suddenly the villagers with their beating drums and flaming torches in their hands showed up before the animal. It was quite unexpected for the elephant. The fear-stricken animal started running. He thought some monsters are attacking him. He was very afraid about the incident that he never returned to the village for that friendly visit again in his life.

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