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Elephant Who Helped A Couple In Distress

I am so happy to help them out.

This elephant stands on the road.  Why?

Everyone loves attention, and this elephant is no exception. Loot at how he is grabbing attention. 

The elephant loves to see people around. Sometimes the elephant turns mischievous by frightening people, but he never harms them.

Here is a fearless couple in the car so close to the elephant. The elephant stood there staring at the car the couple was driving.

There was a starting trouble with the couple’s car. It was not starting. All they need was a little push from behind to start the car. They also worried about the elephant which was staring at them.

As if the elephant understood their problem, it began to push the car slowly. The couple couldn’t believe their eyes. They got their car started.

The happy couple waved at the elephant to express their thanks, and drove away.

The elephant smiled at them. The elephant was so happy to help somebody out instead of frightening.

From that day onwards, the elephant never frightened anybody.

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