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Attending The Summer Festival

I need to be alert to avoid an accident!

“Oops, this road is getting bumpy. This bumpy road will break my neck. I don’t know whether I will make it to my destination.”
It’s summer again. A time when life becomes hot. The rabbit is driving a car to attend the summer festival. All animals from the nook and corner of the forest will be attending this fabulous festival. The rabbit can’t think of missing the summer festival.

But the roads were in bad condition, giving a hard time to the rabbit controlling its vehicle. He has a long way to go!

“Hello there, will you give me a lift? I am also attending the summer festival,” asked the fox.

“No buddy, I don’t want to take you also. Already I am having a hard time with this bumpy road. By letting you inside, I don’t want to make life miserable. Stay away from the bumpy road,” said the rabbit.
Hope the rabbit will survive a car breakdown to attend the summer festival.

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