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Elephant Eating Monster

Beware of the monster

The Hippos’ Clever Plan

The hippos in the lake were fed up with the elephants. They felt their privacy was constantly being invaded.

One day, the hippo leader came up with a clever plan to keep the elephants away from the lake.

One sunny afternoon, the elephant herd was in the lake, taking a bath and playing. The hippo leader called a young elephant over. The elephant came running, curious about what the hippo had to say.

“Did you call me?” asked the elephant.

“Yes, I have a top secret to share with you,” said the hippo, lowering his voice. “There is a monster in this lake. You need to be very careful. As far as I know, this monster loves to eat elephants.”

The young elephant’s eyes widened with fear. “Oh, that’s so frightening! I will tell the rest of the herd about the monster!” said the elephant and ran back to warn his friends.

The hippo leader turned to his friends and said, “That’s how we get rid of those nosy elephants!” The hippos all laughed together, pleased with their clever plan.

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