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Little Train And The Elephant

Take Some Rest Dear!

One day an elephant saw a train. The small train was spitting a lot of thick dark smoke into the air and stopped just before him. “Hey, you seem to be very tired,” asked the elephant. “Yes, very much tired, it was a steep climb over the hills, now I will stop here to relax my pistons,” said the train engine.

Both the elephant and the train chatted for a while. The train said that he is running to a faraway place to deliver passengers and goods to their destination.  “I need a lot of water to produce steam to push my pistons,” my water is nearly exhausted, and I have to fill my stomach with water in the next station,” said the train.

The elephant said he is full of admiration for the little train, wished him all the best for the journey ahead. The train again started moving, the passengers inside the bogies saw the elephant and cried in excitement. The elephant waved at them and said goodbye to the train.

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