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Ducks Playing Hide And Seek

I didn't see your friend!

Please, please, please do me favor Mr. Hippo. I am in an urgent need of a hiding place. I and my friend are playing hide-and-seek. If you let me hide behind you, that will be much appreciated. Can I trust you? Please don’t tell my friend I am hiding here,” said the duck who went hiding behind the hippo.

A few minutes later the other duck came near the Hippo. He was looking for his friend who went hiding. The Hippo couldn’t help laughing.

“Hey, why are you laughing? Are you mocking me?” the duck was curious.

“Did I laugh. Oh, no. I was not mocking you. I was thinking about a joke my friend cracked yesterday,” said the Hippo.

“I think you are hiding something from me. Let me look around to find out what you are hiding me,” said the duck and walked around the hippo.

“The duck walked around the hippo.

“Hey I found you,” said the duck who saw his friend hiding behind the Hippo.

The duck who trusted Hippo was angry at him.

“You made me lost the game,” said the angry duck.

“What to do Bro. I find it dificult to hide something from others. I haven’t done anything wrong,” said the Hippo laughing. The ducks too laughed.

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