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The Dog's First And Last Expedition

dog on the seaside cartoon
Let me count the waves

The dog who lived by the seaside had an easy life. Day time, he would be seen counting the waves, and in the night, he counted the stars.  He was also fascinated by the big ships passing through. He had an ambition in his life. “One day I will get into one of such ship, and see what is going on inside the ship,” he dreamed.

One day, he saw a ship was anchored on the port, he somehow entered inside the ship, he walked around, everything inside the ship was awe-inspiring.  Suddenly, he felt a jerk, heard the ship’s loud horn. The dog came out on the ship’s deck. He was shocked to find out that the ship has already on its way to another port. He could do nothing about it. He watched his home disappearing to a vanishing point.

Dolphin Encounter

A few days have passed. Life on that cargo ship was not easy for him. He missed his home and regretted the decision to visit the ship. One day, while standing on the ship’s deck, he saw a dolphin swimming along with the ship. “Hey, where are you going on this ship, Mr.Dog?” the dolphin asked the dog. The dog told the dolphin about his story, how he got trapped inside the ship.

Some Hope At Last

“Don’t worry Mr.Dog, stay on this ship, until it goes back to your home port. This ship will go back to your place in a couple of weeks. Until that time, stay calm and enjoy your trip,” said the dolphin. The dog was happy to hear that he will be back home in a couple of weeks. He thanked the Dolphin for that valuable piece of information,

On each port the ship entered, the dog would come out to the deck to check if that was his home port. After several ports, one fine day, he couldn’t believe his eyes. The ship was anchored at the same port where had started his journey. The dog quickly ran out of the ship. He didn’t stop running even after he touched the ground. He vowed that it was the first and the last expedition in his life ever!