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The Best Gift He Ever Received

I want to play

Tim the cat got a new home, a place far away from where he was living. He was brought from the middle east by his owner, who was working in the middle east for quite a long time, now retired, back home. In his home, everything was strange for the cat. Tim needed quite a bit of time to get familiar with the new surroundings, especially, the winter. The winter was severe, with heavy snowfall. It was quite a new experience for the cat. He wanted to play outside. But everything was covered under the snow. Every day, he sits on the window side, staring at the street, watching people passing through the street.

A New Friend Ship

One day, a little school going boy saw Tim on the window. He grew curious about the cat, stared at the cat, and the cat stared him back. The boy waved at the cat, and the cat waved at the boy by raising his front leg. Ah, that was the beginning of a longlasting friendship. Every day, the cat waited for the boy anxiously.

Another Friendship

A few months have passed, the winter is now over, Tim the cat can go out and enjoy the outside world. Spring was awesome, with flowers and butterflies everywhere. Tim waited patiently for his friend. Here he comes, hey what’s in his hand? The boy smiled at Tim. “Hey Tim, here is a gift for you,” the boy introduced a pretty beautiful cat to Tim. Tim was very happy to get a beautiful companion, he thanked the boy for the best gift he had ever received.

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