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Chit Chat Elephant And Cat

The elephant and cat are friends. Today elephant was taking a rest. The cat came to see him for a small chit-chat.

“What’s up, bro? It’s a sunny day,” said the cat.

“Yeah, it’s a sunny day. I love to be in the sunlight,” said the elephant.

The elephant and the cat talked about everything under the sun. The cat told the elephant its fishing adventure that day.

“You know, while fishing in the boat, I almost fell from the deck,” the cat said.

“Oh, if you have fallen, can’t you swim,” asked the elephant.

“No, we cats do not swim. If I had fallen, I wouldn’t be here talking to you,” said the cat.

“You should be careful while going fishing. Always secure yourself in the boat before leaning,” said the elephant.

The cat was happy at the elephant’s advice. Agreed to do so. Next time the cat went fishing, securing himself to the boat with a rope.

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