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The Roadside Assistance

Don't worry, I'm here to help you!

“Hey, what happened? Why are you stopped in the middle of the road?” asked the bear.

“I am sorry, Mr. Bear. My engine got stuck, and I can’t move,” said the car.

“Don’t worry. I’ll help you out. I think a small push is all it is required to start your stuck engine. Hold on to your steering wheel. Here you go!” said the bear. The bear pushed the car hard.

“You are heavy, but I think I can make it,” said the bear, and it continued pushing the car.

The car slowly moved. With each push, the speed of the car increased. Finally, the engine started rolling again.

“Hooray, you made it! Thank you very much, Mr. Bear. Now I can go home,” said the car cheerfully.

“You can go, but please don’t stop anywhere until you reach your home. Get your engine repaired as soon as possible,” the bear advised the car.

The car went home happy.

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Another Ca

Good bear. He is being so helpful with the stuck car. Thank you bear for your kind deed.

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