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Cat Driver Of A Toy Car

I love this ride!

The cat was curious about the nice toy car lying idle in the corner of the room.

“I should lay my hands on that toy car and ride it,” the cat always dreamed about riding that toy car but never got an opportunity.

One fine day, nobody was there in the house. All went to a picnic leaving the cat to stay home.

The cat was sad because nobody took him for a picnic.

The cat really wanted to go out with the boys and play.

“At least I will take an opportunity of being lonely in the house, a fantastic opportunity to fulfill my dream of being a cat driver,” the cat whispered.

The cat went near to the car to inspect it closely. The little green car always fascinated the cat.  The cat wondered how the car was running around the room while the boys were playing. The cat gave a push to the car with his paws, and the car moved.

“Wow, I could move it,” the cat was surprised.

“Hey, you want a free ride?” the car asked the cat.

“Of course, but I don’t know how to drive a car the cat replied.

“Don’t worry, please get in. I will drive myself,” the car said.

The cat somehow managed to sit in the car. The car took the cat around the room. The cat really enjoyed the drive.

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