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Cat And The Lion Joke

Good Things Come From A Light Heart!

“Ha, Ha, Ha,” that was a good one. Now tell me another joke. Remember, if you don’t make me laugh, you’ll be killed,”

The lion was enjoying the jokes by the cat. The cat has no joke to tell the lion because of the warning lion gave.

“Hey, why you stop telling jokes,” I am going to kill you now!” roared the angry lion.

“Look, Mr. Lion, only a light heart can produce good jokes. Now I am anxious about my own life. How can I keep a light heart knowing that I am going to die? So I can’t tell any more jokes. You may kill me, but that won’t help, right? Now it’s up to you, you can do whatever you want to do with me,!” said the cat.

“I am sorry, Mr. Cat. I leave you now. Come back later with a light heart and good jokes. I won’t kill you,” said the lion who allowed the cat to go free.

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