I'm On My Way To My Graveyard, The Scrapyard

car broken
Help me please!

I am an old car with an old engine. I develop problems now and then, which I can’t help. Being an old engine running, I have engine seizures unexpectedly while running. Now, I am again in a breakdown situation, stranded in a place where there is nobody to help me out. I have to wait here until somebody from the workshop come and do it. Till that time, I will tell you my story to you.

Years back, I was a smart car with a lot of modern features had at that time. I ran through the streets with all the pride, and people just admired my beauty and smartness. Wherever I go, I was a head-turner. People gather used to gather around me to have a look around me and discuss my features with each other.

But over the years, I got old, started rusting. I got several minor and major repairs. Adding to me woe, I met with an accident which required a lot of repairs on me.

Car factories rolled out new cars using advanced technology. I lost all the attention I had in my golden times. Now I’m old and run slow. I need a good overhaul to make me fit again, which I doubt I will ever get. I think most probably, I’ll end up in some scrapyard soon unless some vintage car lovers adopt me. Here comes the mechanic. I hope he can get me repaired.

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