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Next Time I Will Not Be Provoked!

Can't You See, I Am Angry?

The bull becomes angry without any reason. He easily gets provoked. One of the reasons when he gets provoked is when nobody recognizes him. He wants everybody to aware of his presence and gives him all the attention, or he will take charge. 

One day, the bull was walking with his head high on the street came across a cat. The cat didn’t mind the bull and the bull got provoked at once. He ran after the cat and the cat was so fast. The cat jumped onto the roof of a building.

But the bull couldn’t stop at once, and hit on the wall, got himself injured. He started crying in terrible pain. It’s all your fault, Mr. Bull. Do not get easily provoked, or you will land in trouble,” said a bird who was watching all that was happened to the bull. The bull took that advice and tried to put control over his emotions from that day onwards.

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