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Cat And The Baby Elephant

Glad to meet you friend

“Come on, you can do it. Let’s go to the banana plantation. There are plenty of yellow bananas hanging, waiting just for you. Nobody will find you out,” said the cat.

This cat had a wicked passion of putting others in trouble and encouraged the baby elephant to go and steal bananas from the plantation. The baby elephant fell in the cat’s trap and went with him.

When they reached the place, the baby elephant saw people around.

“Hey, what to do now?” the baby elephant asked.

“Just wait here. I’ll sneak into the plantation. When everything is ok, I will signal you by crying in a special tone,” said the cat.

The elephant agreed. The cat sneaked into the plantation without getting noticed. When the cat was in, it saw plantation workers busy doing different sorts of jobs in the plantation.

“Um, this is a good time to call the elephant. I will have a good treat for my eyes when people start beating the elephant,” the wicked cat thought.

“Meow, meow,” the cat cried in a special tone. Hearing the signal, the baby elephant walked into the banana plantation. When the workers saw the baby elephant, they were curious.

“Wow, look at this cute baby elephant. It’s so smart! Let’s give him some good bananas,” one of the workers said. All workers gathered around the baby elephant and treated him well. The cat was seeing all this. “Oh, my plan is a complete failure. The cat grew jealous of the elephant, getting all the attention from the banana plantation workers.

On the way back, the elephant thanked the cat for taking him to the plantation. The cat had nothing to say.

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