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A Smart Rabbit And Tiger Story

Um, This Rabbit is a good lunch for me today!

There was a cruel tiger. The tiger killed small animals just for fun. One day, as it was roaming around, the tiger saw a rabbit. The rabbit also saw the tiger but took no notice of the predator. The tiger was taken aback.

“Here is a rabbit who completely ignores a tiger. I will make this silly rabbit understand who a tiger is,” the tiger jumped upon the rabbit.

Can you guess what happened? The tiger fell into a pit. The pit was covered by grass, and the rabbit was sitting on the grass. Nobody will find that there is a pit under the grass covering. The rabbit knew about it and wanted to trap the tiger because that tiger never spares animals and shows no mercy while hunting.

From deep inside the pit, the tiger requested help. “Please, somebody lend a hand to help me come out of the pit,” the tiger groaned.

Soon the hunters who dug the pit came. They caught the tiger and put him inside a cage. Then they took the tiger to the zoo.

The smart rabbit won everybody’s hearts. Now they can roam around without the fear of the wicked tiger.

All the small animals congratulated the smart rabbit for his clever idea to trap the tiger and partied all night.

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