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A Day In My Life As Told By A Tiger

Um, this water is tasty!

Not A Good Day

It was a long day for me, a hectic day too. Chasing the animals, I am too tired. It’s not my everyday routine to go hunting. But when I hunt, I will make sure that I get enough food for a few days. Don’t worry, I won’t hunt for fun, but to eat! Today is a bad day for me, as I didn’t get any catch today. My plan slightly went wrong.

tiger sitting on a branch of a treeYou know, when it comes to chasing, a wrong move can make everything go out of your control. Today, I was chasing a deer, but the same deer was also chased by a lion. When I realized that I left my chase to the lion because I didn’t want to have a fight with the mighty lion. I don’t know whether that lion managed to catch the deer.

Anyway, let me drink some water. This water tastes sweet. This lake is a life provider for most of us animals living in the forest.  I take delight in drinking this water and swimming in the lake. This night, I will again go hunting. Maybe I will get something to eat tonight.

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