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What About Me?


bear hiding in the bush

Did I Hear A Gunshot? Better Hide in this bush.

We bears are shy animals. We don’t want to get in touch with anybody outside our world. I believe the only reason why anybody wants to come to us is to hunt us. We may get killed for our valuable possessions, like our fur, teeth, etc. People think that they have got medicinal value, but they are completely wrong. Our body parts don’t have any kind of medicinal value, modern science proves that.

We are very fond of honey. In fact, that’s the only weakness we have. Wherever we spot a honeycomb, we will make sure to taste the honey before anybody touches it. We love the sweetness of the golden liquid.

One of my childhood friends was caught alive by the bear hunters. We were playing hide and seek together. But suddenly, he disappeared. All I could hear was his grumbling and the roaring sound of a speeding vehicle. He was gone forever. He might be now in some circus or in a zoo. Anyway, life is not safe for bears. Please allow us to live.

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